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Israeli young Animation 2019


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2019 m. lapkričio mėn. 29 d., 15 val.

Įėjimas laisvas

If and When


Ynon Len/04:33/ no dialog/2016

Experimental clip celebrates the little moments in the life of a big city – with hundreds of still photographs.

White Night In Tel Aviv


Nadia Dibijinski & Naama Tsarfatti/2016/00:60

The White night is a whole night in the spring –where everybody is free to attenddozens of artistic events spread all over the city of Tel Aviv.

Circles (Maagalim)


Ori Dotan & Yoav Shtibelman/03:44/2016

The official music video made to the song of Jane Bordeaux group.

In Other Words/ Tal Kantor


Hebrew Eng subt. 06:00/ 2017

Father, Daughter and Airport. And many unspoken words and unexpressed feelings

Finger Animation - Letters


Sharon Gazit./2016

Few funny little animated sequences made with the finger using an application on the iphone. (Generally created while in the toilets or during boring meetings)

The Bear


Dorin Shwartzman Russian /2017/07:11

In a small apartment a father and daughter emigrated from a far country, Sit together to watch TV.

Two Of every Kind


Efrat chen, naor Zana, neta Bar /Heb. Eng subs./07:02

What happens when 2 male peacocks try to get as a couple into Noah's Ark

A golden Chariot


Tomer Yeshayah/Tom Engler/03:27

A Homage to the Anime Japanese films' style made on a song by Tomer Yeshatahu

5 Ways to survive the Israeli Summer


Igloo Studio /No dialog /00:37

Funny tutorial for surviving the Israeli hot summer



Guy Tepler /No dialog, 02:00, 2018

A very Personal tribute to the city of Paris

Oh Mama Dear


Shahaf Ram / No dialog/ 2019 / 02:06

A mother and a daughter struggle the obstacles trail of the national air-port on their arrival back home.

Inside the pipes


Adva Santo /05:00/ 2019

An associative journey in the Central bus station in Tel Aviv.

Second Round


Aleks Halbenikov Hebrew Russian , 05:05/2019

Alex has just emigrated with his mother from Russia. His Mother has brought him new bicycles with which he hopes to get closer to the Israeli kids playing in the street.

Flyng Putzi


Ido Behar/2016 .

Putzi is a retarded child dreaming to fly together with his pet chicken Pepi. Things get complicated when his neighbor boys try to convince him to perform a jump from the high roof to start his flight.

In a Clear Mind


Ofra Kobliner & Eli Ben David no dialog. 04:00/2010

Swimming is a metaphor to the life of a young woman. Beautiful hand drawings give this film its unique quality.

Within Thy walls


Omer Sharon & Daniella Shnitser /Heb Eng subs 07:00/ 2016

The Contradiction between the Holy, Ancient, glorious city of Jerusalem - and its simple Humble dwellers fighting to survive daily life.