Vilniaus technologijų ir dizaino kolegijos Kino salė (Olandų g. 16, auditorija 261)

2019 m. lapkričio mėn. 26 d. 12 val.

Įėjimas laisvas

Europos humanitarinis universitetas (Savičiaus g. 17, įėjimas iš Bokšto g. 15)

2019 m. lapkričio mėn. 27 d. 12 val.

Įėjimas laisvas

Blieschow / Ferma Bliešove


Director Christoph Sarow

Producer Lena-Carolin Lohfink

Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg GmbH


Vast plains, colorful sceneries, a red dog, that seems to reach into the sky. This is how Tom experiences summer in Blieschow, his grandfather’s farm. He feels overwhelmed by the exuberance of nature and finds himself in a constant competition with his cousin, who is seemingly better at everything. Envy starts to grow in little Tom. Doing everything to be recognized and loved Tom soon reaches his limits.

Festival: Stuttgart International Festival of Animated Film.

The Death Vendos / Mirties pardavėjas


Director Jinkyu Jeon

Producers: Koji Yamamura, Yuichi Ito, Mitsuko Okamoto, Taruto Fuyama

Tokyo University of thr Arts


One day a boy encounters a street vendor who sells chicks.Even the boy knows these birds will die very soon. To his eyes, the man is selling none other than death itself

Battle Royal / Mūšis karališkasis


Directors: M. Lepage, K. Langouët, M. Marino, A. Revillod, F. Robert-Dumas

Ecole Georges Méliès


Odette, a young maid who is in love with the King, will get on with the job to become his favorite mistress.

Ice Hole / Eketė


Director Danil Strizhov

Producer Oksana Cherkasova

Studio A - Film


A sophisticated way of fishing is paying off.

Tango of longing / Ilgesingasis tango


Director Marta Szymańska

Producer Agata Golańska

Lodz Film School


Tango is so much more than just desire -it can reveal our most intimate stories, innermost longings and needs, our secrets. Is it possible to find satisfaction and relief in this dance of constant longing?

Festivals: Animation Now!, New Zealand International Film Festival 2019, New Zealand, Anima Mundi Festival 2019, Brasil, Imaginaria Film Festival 2019, Italy, Animatou - International Animation Film Festival 2019, Switzerland, 2019 Ottawa International Animation Festival, Canada.

The Huntress and the Bird / Medžiotoja ir paukštis


Directors: Alexis Pinot, Charles Deroo, Astrid Loviny, Laurine Langlet, Maxime Van Camp

Production: Pôle IIID


In a haven of life lost in a frozen land, a young girl is confronted by her tribe to a sacrificial ritual.

The Diver / Nardytoja


Director Iulia Voitova

Producer Annick Teninge

L'ecole de la Poudriere


A professional diver undergoes an intense training regime punctuated by relentless blasts on her trainer's whistle. Utterly exhausted, she refuses to dive again and decides to visit a masseur.

Road to Prohibition / Kelias į draudimą


Director Javier Murciano

Producer Emilio Lujan Canalejo



Road to Prohibition, a jazzy comedy with vintage cars, irreverent persecutions and hidden speak-easier in the 20s of Prohibition.

A Bird with no Legs / Paukštis be kojų


Director Nick Cinelli

Producer Ludo Zanette

National Film and Television School

United Kingdom

Theo plays his saxophone to lead his father inside a magical song. Theo’s goal: to help his father overcome his grief.

Saree / Sarė


Director Vaibhavi Venkataraman

Producer Vaibhavi Venkataraman

University of Westminster

United Kingdom

A film that celebrates the beauty and uniqueness of India's diverse culture, by depicting the underlying importance of a simple yet elegant piece of unstitched cloth.

Sewerman's World / Kanalistų pasaulis


Directors: M. Gaucher, C. Fortin, Y. Wood, F-E. Broydé-Paumé

Ecole Georges Méliès


Living hidden in the sewer of a totalitarian city, a maverick creates a chemical substract aimed to oppose the authority and put an end to the violence that dominates his world.

The Bear Hunter / Meškų medžiotojas


Director Yaka Hara

Producer Yaka Hara

United Kingdom

The hunter lived in the mountain knew the bears well. She apologizes to the bear everytime she kills one, but she had to, for it was how she made her living. One evening, she came across a bear and when she is about to kill it, the bear speaks to her.

Squaring the Circle / Apskritimo apipjaustymas


Director Karolina Specht

Producer Agata Golańska


At first glance, it seems that SQUARE lives among chaos and endless changes. Once, a new element sneaks into the pattern.

Festivals: 11th International Animated Film Festival Animator 2018, Poland, Annecy 2018 International Animation Film Festival, France, 17th International Animation Festival in Japan HIROSHIMA 2018, Japan, Silhouette Film Festival 2018, France, 13th ANIM'EST international animation film festival, Romania, 34th Warsaw Film Festival, Poland (screening).

Hello, my dears / Sveikos, mano mielosios


Director Alexander Vasiliev

Producers: Nikolay Makovsky, Andrey Khrzhanovsky

School-Studio "SHAR"


An old grandmother lives with memories. She's waiting for something and preparing a snack. Who will visit her?