Competitive feature film.

A film for young people and adults.

Romantic Chorus focuses on sexuality and romantic connections

The film is sounded in English and with English subtitles.

Romantic Chorus


85 min.

  • Director: Aaron Gwynn & Jeff M. Giordano
  • Animation: Chhaya Naran, Joe Crockett, Cloud 1984, Stefanie Ziermann, Claudia Ortega Arus, Christopher Singleton, Annie Murray, Silvia De Tommaso, Gigi Hart, Laurent Mathieu, Emma Jordan, Keira Quinn, Eli Copperman, Peter Feng, Angaelica La Pasta, Lincoln Glasby, Rebecca Luo
  • Script: Aaron Gwynn & Jeff M. Giordano
  • Music: Laurent Mathieu
  • Sound: Dave Poulin
  • Design: see all above artists
  • Editing: Aaron Gwynn
  • Producers: Lucía González Ramírez and Aaron Gwynn

JMG Motion Pictures

US, México, Canada, Spain, England, Germany, Australia, Italy, France

Romantic Chorus focuses on sexuality and romantic connections featuring 21 diverse interviews from a wide range of genders, backgrounds, abilities, and orientations as they discuss Sex, Monogamy, Fear and Technology. Our team is a collaboration of production staff and 17 animators from around the world and work in Stop-motion, 2D animation, rotoscoping, motion graphics, collage and more!

Jeff M. Giordano


Jeff M. Giordano leaps out of bed everyday for the creative life, loves to ask deep questions, and has fantasies about riding on the back of trash trucks in every country.

Aaron Gwynn


Aaron Gwynn is a film editor, novelist, and starting pitcher for the Progreso Scualos. He believes that only with collaboration can we make substantive change.