Konkursinė trumpametražių animacinių filmų aktualiomis socialinėmis temomis programa.

  • Forgotten / Užmirštas. Rež. Mawrgan Shaw. Canada.
  • Howling / Kaukimas. Rež. Parsa Bozorgani. Iranas.
  • Let go / De Berde / Paleisk. Rež. Star Bazancir. Švedija.
  • Mare Monstrum / Jūrų monstras. Rež. Lucia Hernandez, Àngel Estois, Mercè Sendino. Ispanija.
  • Marry grandmas / Bobulyčių Kalėdos. Rež. Natalia Mirzoyan. Rusija.
  • Sad Beauty / Liūdnas grožis. Rež. Arjan Brentjes. Nyderlandai.
  • Cracks in the Pavement / Įtrūkimai grindinyje. Rež. Nicolás Conte. Argentina.
  • H2OPE / H2OPE – (Vandens viltis). Rež. Ashkan Rahgozar, Negin Khajehiee. Iranas.
  • Family Name in the Pocket / Šeimos vardas kišenėje. Rež. Stepan Koval. Ukraina.
  • Shirey Mara / Shirey Mara. Rež. Nata Korneyeva. Baltarusija.
  • Hourvari / Rež. Félicien Bonniot/Pauline Jacquelin. Prancūzija.

Užmirštas / Forgotten


4 min. 23 s.

  • Director, Animation, Editing, Producer: Mawrgan Shaw
  • Music, Sound: Jacob Waxman


Forgotten is an animated short film that offers a window into the isolation the elderly face when living alone. Drawn using traditional and digital media, the film presents and explores one person’s loneliness, sorrow, and deteriorating grip on reality.

Kaukimas / Howling


8 min.

  • Director, Animation, Design, Producer: Parsa Bozorgani
  • Script: Parsa Bozorgani, Parsa Safa
  • Music: Parsa Sotoudeh
  • Sound: Behrad Khadivi
  • Camera: Parsa Safa


A few years back, a video of stray dogs being killed by acid injection by council workers in Shiraz(Iran) went viral. Nobody took responsibility for the action. The murderer was interviewed in this film.

Paleisk / Let go


2 min. 11 s.

  • Direktor, Script, Editing, Producer: Star Bazancir
  • Music: Piltan Gundogan


A story about people of flesh and blood, torn apart by illusions named border, nations and race.

Jūrų monstras / Mare Monstrum


5 min. 30 s.

  • Directors, Animation, Script: Lucia Hernandez, Àngel Estois, Mercè Sendino
  • Music: Xavier Rodriguez
  • Sound: Àngel Estois
  • Camera: Lucia Hernandez, Àngel Estois
  • Design: Mercè Sendino
  • Editing: Lucia Hernandez, Àngel Estois
  • Producer: El Tercer Pájaro


In this animated documentary, we will closely follow the adventures of Flanitus, a new species of fish that inhabits the depths.

Bobulyčių Kalėdos / Marry grandmas


8 min. 07 s.

  • Director: Natalia Mirzoyan
  • Design: Alisa Yufa
  • Music: Andrey Figa
  • Producer: Boris Mashkovtsev



Grandmas organizes a Christmas party for herself and the little girl to dispel her sadness.

Liūdnas grožis / Sad Beauty


9 min. 50 s.

  • Director, Animation, Script, Design, Producer: Arjan Brentjes
  • Music: Martin Fondse, Claudio Puntin, Jörg Brinkmann
  • Sound: Bob Kommer Studio's

Arjan Brentjes


In a heavily polluted world, a young woman mourns the disappearance of animal species. When she falls ill due to a bacterial infection, nature appears to send her a message in her hallucinations.

Įtrūkimai grindinyje / Cracks in the Pavement


9 min.

  • Director, Design, Producer: Nicolás Conte
  • Animation: Nicolás Conte, Laura Estévez
  • Script: Nicolás Conte, Micaela Doll
  • Music: Rómulo Conte, Ciro Gargaglione
  • Sound: Jerónimo Kohn
  • Editing: Laura Estévez, Nicolás Conte

Nicolás Conte


A beautiful and delicate flower grows in the middle of the asphalt jungle. A street rubbish bin witnesses the mistreatment of the Flower in the polluted public way. Concerned about her torment, the rubbish bin seeks a way to protect her.



5 min. 45 s.

  • Director: Ashkan Rahgozar, Negin Khajehiee
  • Animation: Hamidreza Shir Jafari (3D), Negin Khajehiee (2D)
  • Script: The kids
  • Music: Mani Mozakka, Jahanyar Qorbani
  • Sound: Mani Mozakka, Jahanyar Qorbani
  • Design: Negin Khajehiee, Mehdi Farsi
  • Editing: Ashkan Rahgozar
  • Producer: Ehsan Rasoulof


A student, one day, asks around the class for water; however none is left. Questions hence arise among his classmates about what would happen if the water runs out? (This story is purely experimental and illustrated according to children’s point of view about the thirst and water shortage).

Šeimos vardas kišenėje / Family Name in the Pocket


13 min.

  • Director, Script: Stepan Koval
  • Animation: Andrii Slesarevskiy, Nadia Limova, Klym Klymchuk, SergiyMogylhiy
  • Music: Mykola Lysenko
  • Sound: Iryna Andriyash
  • Camera: Olga Babytska
  • Design: Sergiy Kuzhelniy
  • Editing: Stepan Koval, Olga Babytska, Anna Ignatova, Segii Tochin
  • Producer: Ganna Polonichenko



The film is based on a real life story.

A woman is walking a long way from one village, where everyone has died of famine, to another, with no survivors left. She is hiding away from everyone, all she can think about is how to rescue her son from starvation.

The only way to do it is to put the child on a train heading to some town...

Shirey Mara / Shirey Mara


9 min. 50 s.

  • Director: Nata Korneyeva
  • Animation: Nata Korneyeva, Eldar Musin, Daria Pariseeva
  • Script: Nata Korneyeva
  • Music: Eldar Musin
  • Sound: Eldar Musin
  • Camera: Daria Pariseeva, Eldar Musin, Nata Korneyeva
  • Design: Nata Korneyeva
  • Editing: Nata Korneyeva, Eldar Musin
  • Producer: Leonid Kalitenya


The story is about reconciliation with the loss of a loved one, about waiting for the first snow and about November dreams. A young wife of Joseph, Mara, dies. She drops off a magic box with her songs as a gift for him.

Hourvari / Hourvari


5 min. 15 s.

  • Director, Animation, Producer: Félicien Bonniot, Pauline Jacquelin
  • Script: Félicien Bonniot
  • Sound: Félicien Bonniot
  • Design: Pauline Jacquelin
  • Editing: Félicien Bonniot


Bee Women, a tiger locked in a zoo, a family and a koala surrounded by a wildfire... Hourvari tries to unveil the various forms of interactions between animals and humans. Somewhere between cohabitation and confrontation, the promiscuity of these species is represented through smoky drawings and a speechless sound environment.