Competitive program of short applied animation and music videos:

  • Laimingi kotletai – keliautojas / Lucky Chops - Traveler. Rež. Daniel Almagor & Raman Djafari. Vokietija.
  • Bandau būti mergina / Tryin to be a girl. Rež. Nicolas Flory. Prancūzija.
  • Takoyaki istorija / Southpaw. Rež. Sawako Kabuki. Japonija.
  • Svajonių būgnų svajonė / Dream Drum Dream. Rež. Ileana Andrea Gómez Gavinoser. Argentina.
  • LIN (kinų kalba reiškia „miškas“) / Lin. Forest. Rež. David Ehrlich. JAV, Kinija.
  • Gydymas karantino metu / Cure The Quarantine. Rež. Leonardo Ponzano / Dadomani. Italija, JAV.
  • Po vandenų piktžolėmis / Under the Waterweeds. Rež. Anita Kwiatkowska-Naqvi. Lenkija.
  • Gyvenimas yra geresnis, kai prie savęs turite šunį augintinį / A dog by your side. Rež. Selina Wagner. Didžioji Britanija.
  • Potvynis / The Flood. Rež. Sofya Nabok. Lenkija.
  • Tikra žmogiška būtybė / Real Human Being. Rež. Michaela Müller / Anna Samo. JAV.
  • Mantis meilė / Mantis Love. Rež. Baptiste Groazi. Prancūzija.
  • Pasaulio sukūrimas / The Creation of the World. Rež. David Ehrlich. JAV.
  • Prekybos centras „Paradise“ / Paradise Mall. Rež. Marta Wiktorowicz. Lenkija.
  • Dėkojame už jūsų dantis / Thank You for Your Teeth. Rež. George ve Gänæaard, Horia Cucută. Rumūnija.
  • Vaiduoklių elektronai / Ghost Electrons. Rež. Amritha R Warrier. Indija.
  • Stiprus nepriklausomas kosmosas / Strong Independent Space. Rež. Damian Krakowiak. Lenkija.

Laimingi kotletai – keliautojas / Lucky Chops - Traveler


3 min. 45 s.

  • Directors: Daniel Almagor and Raman Djafari


There’s a small forgotten village, a place that feels like it was left in the attic. Everything and everyone is waiting, staring, sinking into the ground. And then there’s a march, a start to an unknown adventure, a daring call by an unheard chant. Both are truths of a shivering dream.

Bandau būti mergina / Tryin to be a girl


4 min. 31 s.

  • Director: Nicolas Flory
  • Animation: Nicolas Flory, Ghislain Lefort, Claire Pons, Camille Dufayet
  • Script: Nicolas Flory
  • Music: Romain Humeau
  • Sound: Romain Humeau
  • Camera: Alexandre Lopez, Fabien Drouet
  • Design (Artist): Nicolas Flory
  • Editing: Nicolas Flory
  • Producer: Foliascope / Seed Bombs Music

Foliascope / Seed Bombs Music


A man is walking on a cable attracted by a luminous point on the horizon. It crosses large areas populated by strange animals. Some invite him to the light, others try to make him lose his balance.

Takoyaki istorija / Southpaw


1 min. 35 s.

  • Direction: Sawako Kabuki
  • Production: Sawako Kabuki
  • Script: Sawako Kabuki
  • Photography: Sawako Kabuki
  • Animation: Sawako Kabuki
  • Editing: Sawako Kabuki



A girl always attracted by Takoyaki but with hesitation gets addicted to Takoyaki eventually. Takoyaki (Octopus Balls) is a famous and very delicious Japanese street food.

Svajonių būgnų svajonė / Dream Drum Dream


1 min.

  • Director: Ileana Andrea Gómez Gavinoser


A story about a cat.

LIN (kinų kalba reiškia „miškas“) / Lin


2 min. 55 s.

  • Director: David Ehrlich
  • Music: Fang Xin
  • Sound: Fang Xin
  • Producer: David Ehrlich

USA, China

A forest, becoming both less and more as the seasons go by, reaches old age, upright and alone.

Gydymas karantino metu / Cure The Quarantine


1 min. 11 s.

  • Director: Leonardo Ponzano, Dadomani
  • Producer: Dadomani SRL

Italy, USA

We may be separated, but we are not alone. So we join together to share our message of support, hope and love for all to see. For today. For tomorrow. For all of us. We will win. Learn more about how you can show someone they are not alone at

Po vandenų piktžolėmis / Under the Waterweeds


4 min. 56 s.

  • Director: Anita Kwiatkowska-Naqvi
  • Producer: Róza Misztela


Under the waterweeds/ whitefish swarm... they would fade away/ if put on my palm (Author Matsuo Basho, translation Makoto Ueda).

An animated music video for a song by the Polish avant-folk band Odpoczno.

Gyvenimas yra geresnis, kai prie savęs turite šunį augintinį


2 min. 4 s.

  • Director: Selina Wagner
  • Script: Selina Wagner
  • Animation: Selina Wagner and Susan Crowe
  • Music: CG Riggs
  • Producer: Jason Wagner

United Kingdom

A dog by your side.

A montage following the key stages of a woman’s life with her dog always by her side.

Potvynis / The Flood


9 min.




Three Sisters go to the River on Kupala Night, to fulfill the rite of throwing a wreath to see the Elder Sister’s future. To do this, the girl enters the bridge. There she hears the Voice who prophesies her death in this river. Terrified, Elder Sister is turning around and next falls into the water.

Tikra žmogiška būtybė / Real Human Being


4 min. 50 s.

  • Director: Michaela Müller, Anna Samo
  • Animation: Michaela Müller, Anna Samo
  • Sound: Ryan Martin
  • Producer: Lucas Van Lenten


A lonely person is wandering through the city with an ever more heavy heart.

Mantis meilė / Mantis Love


6 min. 30 s.

  • Director: Baptiste Groazil
  • Script: Baptiste Groazil
  • Music: Baptiste Groazil, Thomas Ricquier
  • Sound: Olivier Michelo
  • Design (Artist): Baptiste Groazil, Margaux Rosiau
  • Editing: Baptiste Groazil
  • Producer: Baptiste Groazil

Baptiste Groazil


One night, Danny finds himself watching TV with Mary. Facing Mary's advances, Danny enters into a psychotic delirium mixed with envy and fear. He sees her as a dangerous insect. The evening turns into a macabre and surreal drama.

Pasaulio sukūrimas / The Creation of the World


3 min. 32 s.

  • Director: David Ehrlich
  • Animation: David Ehrlich
  • Script: Ehrlich
  • Music: Chenguan Tszo
  • Sound: Chenguan Tszo
  • Camera: Ehrlich
  • Design (Artist) Ehrlich
  • Editing: Ehrlich
  • Producer: Ehrlich


The cycle of life repeats as worlds collide, disintegrate and merge in transcendent peace.

Prekybos centras „Paradise“ / Paradise Mall


3 min.

  • Director: Marta Wiktorowicz
  • Producer: Marta Wiktorowicz


Paradise Mall is a shopping centre where customers are surrounded by hundreds of advertisements. The animation focuses on the problem of omnipresent manipulation. It illustrates how the media world cleverly influences peoples’ opinions and decisions that can have a big impact on their lives.

Dėkojame už jūsų dantis / Thank You for Your Teeth


3 min.

  • Director: George ve Gänæaard, Horia Cucută
  • Animation: Nadina Lungu, Adelina Gavrilă
  • Script: Ron Riekki
  • Music: Alin Zabrauțeanu
  • Sound: Alin Zabrauțeanu
  • Camera: Boróka Biró
  • Design: Nadina Lungu, Adelina Gavrilă
  • Editing: Horia Cucută
  • Producer: George ve Gänæaard, Horia Cucută


Josh, a 6 y.o. kid living with his mother and sister, discovers that for each tooth lost he receives five dollars. He makes a quick calculation and understands that an entire bike is sitting in his mouth.

Vaiduoklių elektronai / Ghost Electrons


14 min. 17 s.

  • Director: Amritha R Warrier
  • Animation: Amritha R Warrier
  • Script: Amritha R Warrier
  • Music: Tom Kenyon
  • Sound: Troy Vasanth
  • Producer: Prasam Pal


A visual conversation about the subjectivity of physics between a little girl, a talking ball and her pet dog.

Stiprus nepriklausomas kosmosas / Strong Independent Spa


10 min. 37 s.

  • Director: Damian Krakowiak

Fumi Studio


"Strong independent space" is a fictional story about a husband and wife separated by huge distance, space and time.