Lietuvos kinematografininkų sąjungos Kino salė, Vasario 16-osios g. 8 (durų kodas - 25).

2019 m. lapkričio mėn. 26 d. 18 val.

Įėjimas laisvas

Road to Prohibition / Kelias į draudimą


Director Javier Murciano

Producer Emilio Luján Canalejo

The Beat #7 Esdip


Road to Prohibition, a jazzy comedy with vintage cars, irreverent persecutions and hidden speak-easier in the 20s of Prohibition.

Festivals: 2018: Neum Animated Film Festival (NAFF 2018) (Bosnia Herzegovina) (30 junio al 6 de Julio 2018), AnimaMundi 2018 (Brasil), CONCURSO DE CORTOS DE ANIMACIÓN - CÍRCULO DE ARTE DE TOLEDO 2018 (España), 9è FESTIVAL INTERNACIONAL DE CINEMA DE CERDANYA – CERDANYA FILM FESTIVAL, INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL OF ANIMATION CINEMA AND COMICS - CARTOON CLUB (Italia), FESTIVAL INTERNACIONAL DE CINE INDEPENDIENTE DE ELCHE (España), 14th World Festival of Animated Film, Varna 2018 (Bulgaria) (12 al 16 septiembre 2018), Tofuzi 2018 (Batumi – Georgia), Anim!Arte 2018 - 14º Festival Internacional de Animación Estudiantil de Brasil (Brasil), 8vo. FESTIVAL INTERNACIONAL DE CORTOS DE ANIMACIÓN LA TRIBU (Argentina) (4 al 10 septiembre 2018), Muestra Iberoamericana de Cine de Animación - Baixada Animada 2018. (Brasil), BANJALUKA 2018 International Animated Film Festival (Bosnia Herzegovina), FESTIVAL INTERNACIONAL DE CORTOMETRAJES 4´ EN CORTO (España), Certamen Nacional de Cortos de Animación "Animainzón 2018” (Ainzón – Zaragoza), 2st Chaniartoon 2018 (Grecia), FICVI Festival Internacional de Cortometrajes de Vila-seca, VII FESTIVAL DE CURTMETRATGES K-LIDOSCOPI (CULLERA), ALTER-NATIVE 26 International Short Film Festival ( Targu Mures – Rumanía), Animalada, Festival de Animación de Sevilla, Dia Mundial de la Animación de la Comunidad de Madrid 2018, Reanimania 2018 (Erevan), FESTIVAL VIDEOBABEL, Festival Corto Cortismo de Miguelturra (Ciudad Real), Festival Internacional de Animación de Uruguay - FIA’18 (26-28 septiembre 2018).

2019: 26th Stuttgart International Festival of Animated Film 2019, Canterbury Anifest. 2019, Chilemonos 2019, Golden Kuker - Sofia (Bulgaria), Animation Short Film Night (SFN) (Grecia), FESTIVAL INTERNACIONAL DE CINE DE CALZADA DE CALATRAVA.

Earth / Žemė


Director Nicolas Bougere

Chante et tais toi!


Suddenly, somewhere in the middle of the known Universe, Mother Earth stops rotating. She wakes up and goes off to explore space, meeting new constellations, other planets, and a strange invasive species…

Festivals: Festival National du Film d’Animation, Rennes, France 2019, Anibar Animation Festival, Peja, Kosovo 2019.

Swing / Svingas


Director Lyudmila Skotnikova

Producers: Irina Volodina, Valentina Khizhniakova

LTD "Studio "Ural - Cinema"


If you have got jazz in your heart, it will break out sooner or later.

The Lighthouse / Švyturys


Director Linda Kelvink

Monkey Dive Production


A man’s distress and frustration that are storming inside of him invading his town, New York. Extracted from the stages how “Fernet”.

Imagine / Vaizduotė


Directors: Eleanor Evans and Giovanni Aguilar Gutierrez

Producers: Eleanor Evans and Giovanni Aguilar

Spain, Australia

In a colourful bar frequented by monsters a cyborg sings a love song. When a beautiful mermaid appears the song becomes a flirtation between the two. As they start to fall in love a lonely walrus lets his jealousy get the better of him. A singer is performing a song about the woman of his dreams when suddenly she walks through the door.

Takoyaki Story / „Takoyaki“ istorija


Director Sawako Kabuki

Producer Sawako Kabuki


A girl always attracted by Takoyaki but with hesitation gets addicted to Takoyaki eventually. Takoyaki (Octopus Balls) is a famous and very delicious Japanese street food.

Director’s statement : Takoyaki is not my favorite food because I’ve eaten it when I was a child and my mouth was about to burn (Takoyaki is a hot food). At the same time, however, I’m attracted to the existence of Takoyaki.

Festivals : 2019 Japan Cuts, USA, 2019 Fargo Film Festival, USA.

Repeat - Baron Von Alias & Arhat / Kartoti


Director Steven Haggie

Producer Steven Haggie

United Kingdom

This animation represents the spiral into depression, isolation, routine and the need to escape. It examines modern society, particularly with regard to the unanticipated consequences of new technologies.

Luciano Supervielle - Another Day in Uruguay


Director Leonardo Garcia Franchi



“Supervielle” is an abstract short film exploration done with paper shapes, a balance between positive and negative spaces. Is an homage to a great musician, Luciano Supervielle, and his song “Otro dia en Uruguay” (another day in Uruguay).

Graffiti / Grafiti


Director Rick Niebe

Producer Rick Niebe


An abstract exploration of urban graffiti based on a musical improvisation on txalaparta, an ancient basque instrument.


2019: PROYECTOR videoart festival, Madrid, ESP, The Hazel Eye Film Festival, Nashville, TN USA, Vagrant Film Festival, Minsk, Belarus BLR, Music Shorts Film Festival, Missoula, MT USA, "Color 2019" CICA Museum KOR, Animation Nights New York, USA, Samples Mexico City, MEX, 60 Seconds Intl. Film Festival Islamabad, PAK, IV Festival Internacional de Cineminutos, Córdoba, ARG, Moving-Image-Arts International Film Festival Toronto, CAN, FIVAC Festival Internacional de Videoarte de Camagüey, CUB, Oodaaq Festival, Saint-Malo – Rennes, FRA, 14th Athens Animfest, Athens GRE, 5th International Motion Festival , Nicosia CYP, Artfools international Film Festival Larissa, GRE, GaztefilmFest Vitoria-Gasteiz, Euskadi ESP, 12th Arkansas Shorts, Hot Springs, USA.

2018: Super 9 Mobile Film Fest, Porto PRT, 16th Anilogue Festival, Budapest HUN, 11th Int. Festival of Animated Film Banjaluka BIH, Animation Marathon, Athens GRE, ArteNonStop, Buenos Aires, ARG (Best edition animation short film Award), Factual Animation Film Festival London 2018 ENG.

Reer / Šeima


Director François Vogel

Production: Drosofilms / Wasia


Diogal sings his song "Reer". Words fly off from his mouth and meet a feminin figure who will spread out, deform and finally take off.

The down of Ape / Žemyn iš beždžionės


Director Mirai Mizue

Producer Mirai Mizue


Here is the world’s first animation made to be watched by chimpanzees. Just for this once, we will show it to you humans.

Animation technique : 2D computer, Drawing on iPad

Festivals and awards : 2019 Guanajuato International Film Festival, Mexico, 2019 Japan Cuts, USA, 2019 ANNECY International Animated Film Festival, France.



Director Roland Tóth

Producer Krisztián Konecsni


To pay tribute to his memory, we introduce the career of Bela Lugosi. The intertwining of the person and "the big" role is mystified by many even today; we also toy with this idea in certain scenes in the film in an ironic way, applying the scenery and music typical of the era - from silent film to sound film.

Festivals: 14th Kecskemét Animation Film Festival - BEST SHORT prize.

Fisso / Fiksuotas


Director Raito Low Jing-Yi

Producer Raito Low Jing-Yi

Shih Chien University


The story is about the changing affection of a cameraman family. If there is no any feeling between the two of couple, even live together just like two separated heart. How can a broken heart become completed?

Horizon Leap / Horizonto šuolis


Director Beáta Pántya

Producer Beáta Pántya


We attune to the Forest's organic rhythm as moving through her roots and branches. The trees come to subtle motion, their pulse paces and we become capable of leaping the horizon's frontier. A soul's journey through the Forest towards the stars.

Festivals: Hidalgo Film Festival, Mexico, 2019, Under the Radar, Wien, 2019.

Who are you? / Kas tu esi?


Director Julio Pot

Producer Cecilia Baeriswyl


The story of a writer who, after having great success with his first book, has a disastrous creative block. So much so, that not even pencils want to write for him. In his anguish a delivery girl arrives at his door and gives him a mysterious box. After inviting her in to have a coffee, they share a pleasant conversation about fame and success. What's in the box?... Nobody knows what inspiration can be wrapped in.

Festivals: Animayo 2019, Special Mention Best Spanish Short Film, International Safe Community SFF, Iran 2019. Best animation shortfilm. Short of the year 2019, Online. Official selection. PBS Online Film Festival 2019, EEUU. Official selection. FICG Guadalajara 2019, México. Official selection. Bogoshorts 2018, Colombia. Official selection. SSFC 2019, Official selection.

Alba's Memories / Albos prisiminimai


Directors: Maria Steinmetz, Andrea Martignoni

Producers: Maria Steinmetz, Andrea Martignoni

Germany, Italy

Alba remembers how she felt in Love with Pierino, friend of her brother, in the early fifties in Italy.

Not your Panda / Ne jūsų panda


Director Tigris Alt Sakda

Producer Tigris Alt Sakda


One of anthropocene's charismatic megafauna - Ailuropoda melanoleuca : "... and if I hear anyone else say 'isn't he cute'..."