The program shows almost all animated films created in Lithuania during the last two years. The program allows you to see movies created with a variety of techniques, both 3D and 2D, and drawn, and puppet animation. The first works created by students and films by directors who have already gained considerable experience will also be shown. Films that have won honorable prizes and diplomas, such as Skirmantas Jakaitė's "Juggler", Ignas Meilūnas' "Matilda and the Spare Head", directors Antanas Skučas, Robertas Neveckas, Rimas Sakalauskas, Urtė Oettinger's memorable works will be a real decoration of this program.

Kaip pagaminti drakoną / Dragon Recipe


6 min.

  • Writer/Director: Maria Pavlou
    Producer: Maria Pavlou/Pixel Giants
    Co-Producer: Mindaugas Jokubaitis
    Delegate Producer: Michalis Kalopaidis
    Production manager: Poss Kondeatis, Vladas Bucilko
    Animation Director / TD: Julius Gerulaitis
    CG Supervisor: Karolis Kveselis, Neofytos Neofytou
    Art Director: Katerina Pantela
    DOP/TD: Neofytos Neofytou
    Design Team: Katerina Pantela, Julius Gatelis, Mintautas Sukys, Charis Yiangou
    Storyboard: Magnus Kravik
    3D previz: Rafael Kallistratou
    2D FX: Charis Christodoulides, Magnus Kravik
    Modelling: Andreas Rossides, Vladas Bucilko, Mike Kontonikola
    Rigging: Alex Mann
    Animation:OAK9 Entertainment, Pixel giants, Zedem Media
    Rendering: Neofytos Neofytou/Rendered with Chaos Cloud
    Compositing and Editing: Emilios Avraam
    Music: Andrie P. Meletiou
    Sound Design/Audio Post Production: Studio wleven63
    Cover/Production painting: Katerina Pantela
    Supported by the Cyprus Cinema Advisory Committee and the Lithuanian Film Center.

Studija / Production Company: Cyprus Ministry of Education and Culture and Pixel Giants. Co-produced by OAK9 Entertainment and Zedem Media

Lithuania, Cyprus

A sweet story about friendship and acceptance for children and families. A seven-year-old apprentice witch named Mirka dreams of becoming a grand witch and having her own fierce, fire-breathing dragon. Mirka starts experimenting with spells and potions to

create the dragon. But instead of making a scary one, she ends up with a clumsy, yet cute dragon. The little apprentice is about to learn to accept a different friend with whom she will go on many magical adventures.

Tarp dviejų ugnių / Between two fires


3 min. 28 s.

    • Director: Laura Jurkaitytė and Veronika Jakutavičiūtė
    • Animation: Laura Jurkaitytė, Veronika Jakutavičiūtė
    • Script: Laura Jurkaitytė
    • Music: Marius Cibakin
    • Sound: Marius Cibakin
    • Camera: Laura Jurkaitytė, Veronika Jakutavičiūtė
    • Design (Artist): Veronika Jakutavičiūtė
    • Editing: Laura Jurkaitytė
    • Producer: Laura Jurkaitytė

England, Lithuania

UCA Farnham

  • A baby camel tries to run away from a bushfire in Australia, however, a shocking surprise awaits him at the end of the journey. This story illustrates the situation in Australia, where camels are at risk of being shot and killed in a drought-ravaged region of Australia, after complaints that the thirsty animals drink water which is needed by people who live there...

Opera virusui / Opera for a virus


1 min.

  • Director: Antanas Skučas

Studija „Tylus kinas

About pandemic, virus, hand washing and emerging disease statistics.

Pieno baras / Milkshake Bar


12 min.

  • Director: Urtė Oettinger
  • Animation: Urtė Oettinger
  • Script: Urtė Oettinger, Agnė Adomėnė, Marija Kavtaradzė
  • Music: Paulius Kilbauskas, Vygintas Kisevičius
  • Sound: Monika Kosmauskaitė-Žižiūnė
  • Design (Artist): Urtė Oettinger
  • Editing: Libor Nemeškal
  • Producer: Agnė Adomėnė

Studija „Art Shot “

Every day after school Mikas meets his best friends Sonata the squirrel and Gabriel the cat at the Milkshake Bar. Once they unexpectedly come across a photo of a bun-eating champion bear who looks an awful lot like Mikas. Perhaps that’s Mikas’ dad? The friends organise The Great Milkshake Bar Championship hoping to find the legendary champion. It’s an animated story about modern families and the challenges they experience.

Šukavimas / Combing


5 min. 12 s.

  • Režisierė / Director: Eglė Davidavičė
  • Scenarijus / Script: Eglė Davidavičė
  • Muzika / Music: Dominyka Adomaitytė
  • Montažas / Editing: Klementas Davidavičius
  • Prodiuserė / Producer: Eglė Davidavičė


Combing is a meditative act leading to contemplation and introspection. It is an animated self portrait sculpted in motion and time about memory and relationship with the other. Hair becomes a symbolic thread that connects past and present, memories and the current father – daughter relationship.

Matilda ir atsarginė galva / Matilda and the spare Head


13 min.

  • Director: Ignas Meilūnas
  • Animation: Anni Oja, Arnau Godia Montesinos, Ignas Meilūnas
  • Script: Ignas Meilūnas, Dangiras Bugas
  • Music: Rytis Koreniukas
  • Sound: Julius Grigelionis
  • Camera: Simonas Glisnkis
  • Design (Artist): Antanas Dubra (production design), Justė Vazygtė (puppet designer)
  • Editing: Ignas Meilūnas
  • Producer: Marija Razgutė, Ignas Meilūnas


This is a story about a girl who wished to be the smartest in the world. When all the things she'd learned could no longer fit in one head, her mother bought her a backup one. Two heads are better than one, right? But the girl soon became confused which head she should wear when, and shortly lost the second one. It is uncertain what would've happened if not for a ball that accidentally flew in through her window - a ball that changed Matilda forever.

Šuo vardu Avis / A Dog named Sheep


5 min. 30 s.

  • Director: Giedre Narusyte Boots
  • Animation: Giedre Narusyte Boots
  • Script: Giedre Narusyte Boots
  • Music: Richard Wroblewski
  • Sound: Jonas Everaert, Giedre Narusyte Boots
  • Design (Artist): Giedre Narusyte Boots
  • Editing: Giedre Narusyte Boots
  • Producer: Rasa Miškinytė

School of Arts KASK Gent


Belgium, Lithuania

An animation film with encyclopedically precise fantasies and fabeld historical facts. For 200 years, the legend of Napoleon's lost gold has been haunting Lithuania. The Grande Armée, packed with silver and gold, was unable to pass the frozen Paneriu mountain and the treasure was lost in a snowstorm. Sergeant Bourgogne describes everything in his memoirs...Or is this just a fable? Maybe the magpies can tell us more? Or an army dog…

Not me, that’s for sure…

Būti ožiu / To be a Goat


4 min.

  • Director: Milda Kargaudaute
  • Music: Kipras Varanavičius

University for the Creative Arts

UK, Lithuania

Three-generation conflict but with more horns. Or how the daughter learns to stop copying her father’s goat-like attitude and begins to think for herself.

OK. Google


2 min. 30 s.

  • Director: Antanas Skučas
  • Script: Antanas Skučas
  • Producer: Antanas Skučas

Studija „Tylus kinas“

You are viewing my facebook page. I have photos of my family, friends and animals, and the devils know how to know what my favorite shampoo is. You have not the slightest understanding that you do not respect me as an individual. But never mind. Just ... promise not to leave me.

Šokliukė ir Kalėdų eglutė /


24 min.

  • Režisierė / Director: Katerina Vykhodseva
  • Scenarijus / Script: Katy Segrove
  • Kompozitorius / Composer: Dean Valentine
  • Montažo režisierius / Editing: Remy Douyere
  • Garso režisierius / Sound Designer: Payam Hosseinian
  • Dailininkai animatoriai / Animators: Antanas Skučas, Svetlana Bezuglova, Emilė Maigytė, Maksim Kryvanos
  • Dailininkai / Production Designers: Katerina Vykhodseva, Marija Benetytė, Ines Nirkko
  • Prodiuseriai / Producers: Inesa Ivanova, Gabija Budreckytė, Tamsin Lyons

„Kinomind Films“, „Ink & Light Films“

Lithuania, Ireland

It‘s Christmas! There is much excitement in Hopscotch’s hometown. Everything around is beautifully decorated except for Barbara’s house. She has been so busy organizing a Christmas party that she forgot about the Christmas tree! Hopscotch takes charge and brings down an old artificial tree from the attic. The tree falls apart! They hurry around town in search of the perfect tree, but will they find it in time before their Christmas party begins?

Solo Ansamblis – Bydemejeris


7 min. 38 s.

  • Director, animator: Rimas Sakalauskas

Rimas Sakalauskas

Solo Ansamblis

Music video for the group "Solo Ensemble".

Visada su tuo pačiu / Always with the Same


  • Director: Gertrūda Nemčauskaitė


Vilnius Art Academy

Three mooses came up with an idea of a fun ride in the car in the forest, turning on the noisy music and making it as loud as needed. Ignoring the rules and restrictions, because they know nothing about them, the great mooses experience all kinds of adventures in their journey.

It is an animation short, also a music clip in which the song “Siempre con lo mismo” by Spanish punk rock band Faktor Suelo is broadcasting an ironic adaptation of restrictions in the society.

Tyla / Silence


2 min. 37 s.

  • Režisierius / Director: Osvaldas Butkus

Vilnius College of Technologies and Design

An animated film about death, interpreting Edgar Allan Poe's gothic tale "Silence".

Death is an integral part of being. Visible red eye. She also watches the viewer. In the wilderness sits on a hill a vibrating human being surrounded by desert. A demon emerges who, seeing a humanity who does not die of loneliness, tries to destroy it once and for all, reinforcing the degradation of the environment. Everything turns into uncontrollable chaos, followed by a teasing silence. Humans have no choice but to let in the red eye, which has just been an observer.

Niekada nebuvo / Newer was


3 min. 12 s.

  • Režisierius: Antanas Skučas

Studija „Tylus kinas“

About rain, nostalgia and memories.

Sniego pastogė / Snow Shelter


16 min.

  • Režisierius / Director: Robertas Nevecka
  • Scenarijus / Script: Robertas Nevecka
  • Dailininkai / Artists: Dravis Kavaliauskas, Gediminas Skyrius
  • Kompozitorius / Music: Domas Strupinskas
  • Garsas / Sound: Julius Grigelionis
  • Operatorius / Camera: Vytautas Plukas
  • Prodiuseris / Producer: Giedrė Burokaitė

Studija „Meno avilys“

Freezing winter in war-devastated modern Vilnius. Several years have passed since the destruction; the city is slowly rebuilding itself. A 30-yearold man lives in a squat apartment with a group of strangers. He is struggling to survive and find some comfort in this rough setting. One night, seeking some warmth, he nearly burns down the place and antagonizes his flat mates. The man has to find another shelter.

Žonglierius / The Juggler


11 min. 06 s.

  • Režisierė / Director: Skirmanta Jakaitė
  • Scenarijus / Script: Skirmanta Jakaitė
  • Kompozitorius / Music: „Das Subharchord“ by Biosphere
  • Garsas / Sound: David Vincent, Eric Grattepain
  • Dailininkė / Design: Skirmanta Jakaitė
  • Animatorė / Animation: Skirmanta Jakaitė
  • Prodiuseriai / Producers: Agnė Adomėnė, Delphine Schmit

„Art Shot“(Lithuania), „Tripode Productions“(France), „Perspective Films“(France)

Lithuania, France

We live in the same building, but in different apartments, we do different jobs, have situations, beliefs, visions – each one in our own compartment fooling ourselves that the world is one and that it exists. Though we sometimes feel that we can almost catch an incomprehensible that we are on the verge of understanding. This film is about the other side of life – the scary, unknown side we never fully grasp, but we know it is somewhere near, so close.