The following movies will be shown in this program:

  • Guard of Honour / Garbės sargyba. Rež. Edmunds Jansons. Latvija.
  • Table / Stalas. Rež. Joao Fazenda. Portugalija.
  • Awkward / Nepatogumai. Rež. Nata Metlikh. JAV.
  • Steward / Stiuardas. Rež. Jim Sūter. Nyderlandai.
  • Urban Goat / Miesto ožka. Rež. Svetlana Razguliaeva. Rusija.
  • Mild Madness, Lasting Lunacy / Lengvas pamišimas, ilgalaikė beprotybė. Rež. Marine Laclotte. Prancūzija.
  • Cornstalk (Dylda) / Kukurūzų stiebas. Rež. Anastasiia Zhakulina. Rusija.
  • At First Sight / Iš pirmo žvilgsnio. Rež. Sjaak Rood. Nyderlandai.

Garbės sargyba / Guard of Honour


5 min. 30 s.

  • Director: Edmunds Jansons
  • Sound: Ģirts Bišs
  • Producer: Sabīne Andersone

Atom Art


A natural disaster interferes with the honor guard ritual. Only one of the guards, seemingly pointlessly, chooses to remain in his post.

Stalas / Table


10 min. 08 s.

  • Director João Fazenda
  • Production Animanostra
  • Producers Humberto Santana
  • Screenplay João Fazenda
  • Original Screenplay Sim/Yes
  • Sound Direction Luis Canau
  • Sound Mix Carlos Ramos; Miguel Raposo Lima – Estúdio Estrela de Alcântara; João Penedo*
  • Art Direction João Fazenda
  • Editing Luis Canau
  • Original Soundtrack Sim/Yes
  • Musical Direction Philippe Lenzini



A large group of people gather around a table for a meal. It is not clear whether they are family or friends. Food is served under a noisy, atmosphere. Throughout the meal we discovered the various figures of the group, listened to their conversations and we can guess the connections between them. Toasts are made and congratulations are sung. At some point there are already those who sleep, who read, who date. The environment is increasingly fragmented. In the end there is only dirty dishes and silence.

Nepatogumai / Awkward


3 min. 45 s.

  • Director: Nata Metlukh
  • Sound: Daruma Audio



A day full of socially awkward moments.

Stiuardas / Steward


2 min. 15 s.

  • Director: Jim Suter
  • Music: Alexander Reumers
  • Design: Davor Bujakovi
  • Producers: Peter Lindhout, Derk-Jan Warrink, Koji Nelissen



When a football steward is forced to miss the actions of his all-time idol as his back must be to the field, he goes all out – despite his strict boss' hovering – to catch a glimpse of his hero.

Miesto ožka / Urban Goat


11 min. 23 s.

  • Director: Svetlana Razguliaeva
  • Scriptwriter: Svetlana Razguliaeva, Alexander Golubchikov
  • Art director: Svetlana Razguliaeva
  • Animators: Svetlana Razguliaeva, Elizaveta Astretsova, Daria Dementieva, Antonina Osnos, Vlad Eskov, Maria Piotrovskaya
  • Music by: Marat Faizullin
  • Sound engineer: Marat Faizullin
  • Editor: Svetlana Razguliaeva
  • Producer: Nikolay Makovsky

School-Studio “SHAR”


In therural Siberia, where there is only an airfield and a disco in the village club of all the entertainment, the city goat arrives to work. In a small village, she immediately attracts the attention of men, but the Goat herself can not take her eyes offthe rude, but such a cute Wolf. Life with him in her imagination is seen in pink colors, but reality bites.


All Russian Animation Film Festival – Suzdal 2020 (Russia) 03.2020

Annecy Animation Film Festival (France) 06.2020

Lengvas pamišimas, ilgalaikė beprotybė / Mild Madness


18 min.

  • Director: Marine Laclotte
  • Sound: Camille Erder, Flavien Van Azefeld, Adam Wolny
  • Design (Artist): Marine Laclotte
  • Producer: Christian Pfohl

Lardux Films, Folimage


Mild Madness, Lasting Lunacy

This walk in the daily life of several psychiatric institutions, allows us to meet extraordinary people who let us enter their privacy.

Kukurūzų stiebas / Cornstalk


8 min. 15 s,

  • Director: Anastasiia Zhakulina
  • Scriptwriter: Maria Chernitsina
  • Art director: AnastasiiaZhakulina
  • Animators: AnastasiiaZhakulina
  • Music by: Sofia Petkevich
  • Sound engineer: Elena Nikolaeva
  • Editor: AnastasiiaZhakulina
  • Voice: Natalia Fedunova
  • Producer: Nikolay Makovsky

School-Studio “SHAR”


This is a story about a Princess, whose life is not so easy because of her giant height. The King arranges a ball in an attempt to marry off his daughter. But all the suitors run away in horror. Despair and a chance lead the Cornstalk to where she finds her happiness.

Iš pirmo žvilgsnio / At First Sight


16 min. 10 s.

  • Director: Sjaak Rood
  • Animation: Sjaak Rood
  • Script: Sjaak Rood
  • Music: Martin Fondse, Claudio Puntin, Jörg Brinkmann
  • Sound: Sjaak Rood, Bob Kommer Studio's
  • Design (Artist): Sjaak Rood
  • Producer: Paul de Heer

Heer en Meester


A man and a woman drive straight towards one another. They hit the breaks just in time and come to a standstill, facing each other. They're both too stubborn to give way to the other. A life story begins.