The Elephants Will Be Happy / Dramblių turinys


Directors: Lucas Roussel, Charlotte Brun, Loïc Frimat, Vincent Labis, Adrien Lannoy, Alice Lepoutre.

Production: Supinfocom Rubika


Post-apocalyptic triptych, contemplating on the state of the world after humans have gone extinct. Insects have replaced humans and perpetuate their violence – a robot paints a fresco in memory of the past civilization – and a walking living plant lists the last surviving plant species.

Bees / Bitės


Director Ilja Bereznickas


About bees, the use of pesticides in gardens and the endless amounts of food being thrown away.

The Bear Hunter / Lokių medžiotojas


Director Yaka Hara

Producer Yaka Hara


The hunter lived in the mountain knew the bears well. She apologizes to the bear everytime she kills one, but she had to, for it was how she made her living. One evening, she came across a bear and when she is about to kill it, the bear speaks to her.

Palm Oil / Palmių aliejus


Director Ilja Bereznickas


About palm oil and deforestation in Indonesia. "In order to have palm oil, we are cutting down forests." About discarded food.

The Hunt / Medžioklė


Director Mateusz Jarmulski

Producer: Piotr Szczepanowicz, Grzegorz Wacławek


During summer holidays in the countryside, an 11-year-old boy goes through his first boyhood experience as he discovers the violence for the first time.

Festivals: 28th Aspen ShortsFest, USA, 11th Go Short - International Short Film Festival Nijmegen 2019, The Netherlands, Anifilm 2019, Czech Republic, 12th Fest Anca International Animation Festival, Slovakia, 22nd Brooklyn Film Festival, USA, OFF - Odense International Film Festival 2019, Denmark, 12th.International Animated Film Festival Animator 2019, Poland, 68th Melbourne International Film Festival, Australia.

Water / Vanduo


Director Ilja Bereznickas


A land where water is particularly expensive. Green bean cultivation in Kenya. How Long Will Water Be Enough?

Please return the white snow / Gražinkite baltą sniegą



Open coal mining made the snow black. The girl wants the white snow back.

Mercurio / Gyvsidabris


Director Michele Bernardi


Through his passions that link him to his childhood, a young man manages to accept the unavoidable human condition’s rules. This way, he escapes the physical and mental alienation of the fascist dictatorship and gains absolute freedom.

The Hunt / Medžioklė


Director Alexey Alekseev


France, Russia

The man goes on a hunt, where he experiences a series of funny adventures.

Life before Life / Gyvenimas prieš gyvenimą


Director Rao Heidmets

Producer Rao Heidmets

RHF Stuudio Ltd.


The newborn butterfly Bruno flies into the wide world to look for something better, not realizing that he was born at the best place ever. A vicious bush is drawing Bruno like a magnet. And just before landing on a leaf, Bruno is eaten up. Only the wings remain fall from the leaves. Through a mist, they are taken to another world. Bruno’s adventures in the other world end up with a lecture about LIFE AFTER LIFE. Bruno’s unexpected question “Aren’t you wrong, isn’t it life before life that you’re trying to prove?” becomes fatal. The scientist gets so angry that he falls onto the floor, lifeless. The angry audience kills Bruno as well. Through the mist, the pieces of both, the scientist and Bruno, fall into the next world. After landing, by chance, on the same flower, they recognize each other. During a brief conversation, they realize that in a way both of them were right.

Festivals: 2018/ Florida Film Festival USA 06.-15.04, 2018/ 11th Cairo International Forum for Animated Films Egypt 15.-22.02, 2017/ Animation Festival „ Mumia“ in Belo Horizonte Brazil Dec, 2017/ 9th Antartic Short, Documentary & Animation Film Festival Finnish station Aboa, Antartica , 2017/ 16th Magma – the International Short Film Festival Acireale Italy 23.-25.11, 2017/ Fredrikstad Animation Festival (FAF ) Norway 09.-12.11, 2017/ New Chitose Airport International Animation Festival Japan 02.-05.11, 2017/ 15th Kimera International Film Festival Termoli Italy 30.05.-03.06, 2017/ MEDIAWAVE – international Film and music Cathering Györ Hungary 27.04.-01.05, 2017/ HAFF Holland Animation Film Festival Utrecht The Netherlands 22.-26.03, 2017/ 6th Be there! Corfu Animation Festival Greece 29.03.-02.04, 2017/ International New Animation Films& Cartoon Film Festival USA 24.02, 2017/ Tampere Film Festival Finland 08.-12.03, 2017/ MONSTRA – Lisbon Animated Film Festival Portugal 16.-26.03.

Funny Fish / Juokinga žuvis


Director Krishna Chandran A. Nair


Nadasdy Film


Somewhere in the middle of the ocean, a school of fish comes to the rescue of a goldfish floating on the surface of the water. They vow to do everything they can to help it back into the water and breathe. What they don't know is that it's actually a balloon. A small fish found inflated red balloon. What happened then?

Look / Žiūrėk


Director Meinardas Valkevičius

Producer Meinardas Valkevičius



LOOK We take climate change topic very seriously – and we talk about it in the way we know best: through the language of animation. LOOK has travelled over 100 countries and festivals, won numerous awards – and is still kicking, still travelling around the world and also being used in schools as educational material to teach youngsters about the impact of pollution! LOOK became the sort of our business card - known worldwide, it pictures well what we believe in - we all can make a difference using the tools we can. Also, we went the extra mile and created toys after LOOK characters. Everyone can buy them - and all profit from sales is donated to an animal shelter!