2019 m. gruodžio 01 d., 14 val.

Bavure / Išsitepti


Director Donato Sansone

Producer Nicolas Schmerkin

Autour de Minuit


In the beginning was the Stain. A paintbrush reveals a being of gouache, opens him, transforms him, twists him, completes him. From this accelerated evolution arises a conquering being…

Festivals: 65 sélections (Toronto, Anima, MIAF, Clermont, Annecy, Animamundi... and many other festivals)

Don't know what / Nežinau ką


Director Thomas Renoldner

Producer Thomas Renoldner


The basic idea of DONT KNOW WHAT is to combine entertainment cinema and avant-garde film / video art. With the method of single frame editing, which in the first step focused on the sound, the hyperrealistic film transforms into fantastic, surreal, structural and even abstract film. It is also a musical composition, experimenting with the human voice and transforming language to sound and music. The work also intends to play with the expectations of different audiences (theorists / curators), and to question common definitions of different film genres.

Festivals and Prizes: DIAGONALE - Festival of Austrian Film - March 2019, Graz (AT) - Competition: Innovative Cinema. GLAS - Int. Animation Festival - March 2019, Berkeley (USA) - International Competition. CROSSING EUROPE - Filmfestival - April 2019, Linz (AT) - 'Local Artists' Competition. FLATPACK Festival - April/May 2019, Birmingham (UK) - International Competition: (programme: Sound Bite). ANIFILM – Int. Animation Film Festival - May 2019, Trebon (CZ) – Int. Competition: abstract + non-narrative animation. SPECIAL JURY MENTION(Jury: Annegret Richter, Max Hattler, Tomek Ducki). ANIMAFEST Zagreb - World Festival of Animated Film - June 2019, Zagreb (HR) - International Competition. ANNECY - International Animation Film Festival - June 2019, Annecy (FR) - International Competition: Off Limits. OFF LIMITS AWARD (Jury: Dean Deblois, Antonio Canobbio, Virginia Mori). "Best of Annecy 2019" - tour. FEST ANCA - Int. Animation Festival - June 2019, Zilina (SK) - International Competition. ANIMATOR - Int. Animation Festival - June 2019, Poznan (PL) - International Panorama. Audience Choice – Panorama Programme 2. ANIMA MUNDI - Int. Animation Festival - July 2019, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paolo (BR) – Int. „Gallery“ programme. INSOMNIA - Int. Animation Festival - July 2019, Kaluga, Moscow (RU) - International Competition. ANIMAFEST CYPRUS - Int. Animation Festival - July 2019, Salamiou (CY) - International Competition. TAFF - Int. Animation Festival - August 2019, Turku (FI) - International Competition. TOUGH EYE AWARD (Jury: Phil Mulloy, Gerben Schermer, Vessela Dancheva). LINOLEUM - Festival of Contemporary Animation and Media Art – Sept. 2019, Kyiv (UA) - Experimental Animation and Video Art Program. PARIS - International Animation Film Festival – Sept. 2019, Paris (FR) – International Competition. ENCOUNTERS – Int. Short Film & Animation Festival – Sept. 2019, Bristol (UK) – International Competition. OIAF - Ottawa International Animation Festival – Sept. 2019, Ottawa (CA) – Int. Competition – non-narrative. BIT BANG FEST – Int. Animation, Videogames + Digital Art Festival - Sept. 2019, Buenos Aires (AR) – Int. Competition. BOLTON Film Festival – Oct. 2019, Bolton (UK) – Int. Competition – experimental. STOPTRIK – International Film Festival – Oct. 2019, Maribor (SL), Lodz (PL) – Int. Competition – Borderlands. SITGES -International Festival of Fantastic Film – Sept. 2019, Sitges (ES) – Int. Competition. ANIMATOU – Int. Animation Film Festival – Oct. 2019, Geneva (CH) – Int. Competition - Best Experimental Short. ANIMA Cordoba - Int. Animation Festival – Oct. 2019, Cordoba (AR) - International Competition . TAICHUNG - International Animation Festival – Oct. 2019, Taichung (TW) – Special programme: Music in Animation. BIG CARTOON FESTIVAL – Oct. / Nov. 2019, Moscow (RU) – Special audience award programme: Winners. CHITOSE – New Chitose Airport International Animation Festival – Nov. 2019, Chitose (JP) – International Competition. INTERFILM – Internationales Kurzfilmfestival – Oct. 2019, Berlin (DE) – Programm „Experiments“ and others.

Bird Milk / Paukščių pienas


Director Christopher Strickler

Producer Christopher Strickler

Emily Carr University of Art and Design


An anxiety inducing exploration of juicy colors and crunchy textures driven by chaotic electronic music.

Festivals: 2018: Ottawa International Animation Festival - Ottawa, Canada, International Animation Festival Ajayu - Puno, Peru, Fresh Off The Grill Film Fest - Royal Oak, Michigan, USA, Sommets du cinéma d'animation - Montréal, Canada, London International Animation Festival - London, UK, Ann Arbor Film Festival - Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA.

2019: First Friday Film Festival Kansas City - Kansas City, Missouri, USA, Athens Animfest - Athens, Greece, FilmFort - Boise, Idaho, USA, Mecal Pro - Barcelona, Spain, Flatpack - Birmingham, UK, Annecy Animated Film Festival - Annecy, France, Florida Animation Festival - Tallahassee, Florida, USA

Awards: 2019 - UMCU Audience Award - Ann Arbor FIlm Festival - Ann Arbor, Michigan - BIRD MILK, 2018 - Best Canadian Student Animation - Ottawa International Animation Festival - BIRD MILK, 2018 - Inaugural winner of Moment Factory Award - Emily Carr University - Goopy.

Hurlevent / Audros vėjas


Director Frederic Doazan

Producer Frederic Doazan


The wind blows and browse through the book of the alphabet creatures.

Festival: 2019 Clermont-Ferrand (National Competition)

Cockroach Calisthenics / Tarakonų mankšta


Director Sawako Kabuki

Production : FX Networks

USA, Japan

What is "Cockroach Calisthenics"? It is an original song that was conceived in 2009 and has been sung till now somewhere in the world. Cockroaches exist on the earth from 300 million years ago and they are frightening, speedy and scary for us. According to a recent research, cockroaches can give birth without any males if there are more than three females. For that reason, they are now one of the strongest creatures in the world. But human kind hates and kills them. I just wish if their appearance were like cats... If so they could thrive more. Life is not fair. How they look defines their ways of life. Because of us humankind, cockroaches need to live in a darkness. Terrified of being killed, they must suffer from mental disorder. Cockroaches are the symbol of the darkness of our society. You will witness it.

Festivals : 2019 ANNECY International Animated Film Festival, France, 2018 New Chitose Airport International Animation Festival, Japan.

Peas. Industrial Symphony in Four Movements


Director Fran Gas

Producer Fran Gas Video


A surrealist journey through the design, making, advertising and consumption of a can of peas. A portrait of the people that get involved in this process.

Getting started / Darbo pradžia


Director William Crook.

Producer William Crook



The person and the project get mixed up in this short experimental celebration. Feeling frenetic, frustrated, ecstatic, distracted, it's all part of getting started.

Duerrenwaid 8


Directors: Kirsten Carina Geißer, Ines Christine Geißer

Producer Ines Christine Geißer

Sticky Frames


A house, a garden, a stream. The behive on the hillside, the shack, the wooden hut and the shed. Inbetween we fnd memories, stories and observations. The past, the present and the future.

Technique: 2D, riso print, drawn animation, pixelation, mixed media2

Grand Bouquet / Didžioji puokštė


Director Nao Yoshigai

Production : Shinya Fujiwara / Whatever Inc.


A helpless woman confronts a "black object" with a power greater than hers. The "black object" shoots her questions. The woman has answers to these questions, but can't say them aloud. She feels up against the wall, and begins to throw up beautiful colorful flowers instead of speaking.

Festivals: 2019: North Bend Film Festival, USA, Fantasia International Film Festival, Canada, Palm Springs International ShortFest, USA, Quinzaine des Réalisateurs, France.

Still lives / Vis dar gyvena


Director Elli Vuorinen

Producer Terhi Vaananen.

Pyjama Films


Still Lives is an experimental stop motion animation starring traditional figurines from folk art from various times and places. Accompanied by a soundtrack of narrators facing the pressures of modern life, these characters explore the theme of busy stillness from different points of view in seven separate scenes: a couple on an antique bridal box breaks up, turning into tinder; an ancient statue in a glass showcase grows tired of hearing about the dynamic potential of shared workspaces, and the runner on a clay jar is stuck in a never-ending workout session.

Technique: stop motion animation.

Graffiti / Grafiti


Direktor Rick Niebe

Producer Rick Niebe


An abstract exploration of urban graffiti based on a musical improvisation on txalaparta, an ancient basque instrument.


2019: PROYECTOR videoart festival, Madrid, ESP, The Hazel Eye Film Festival, Nashville, TN USA, Vagrant Film Festival, Minsk, Belarus BLR, Music Shorts Film Festival, Missoula, MT USA, "Color 2019" CICA Museum KOR, Animation Nights New York, USA, Samples Mexico City, MEX, 60 Seconds Intl. Film Festival Islamabad, PAK, IV Festival Internacional de Cineminutos, Córdoba, ARG, Moving-Image-Arts International Film Festival Toronto, CAN, FIVAC Festival Internacional de Videoarte de Camagüey, CUB, Oodaaq Festival, Saint-Malo – Rennes, FRA, 14th Athens Animfest, Athens GRE, 5th International Motion Festival , Nicosia CYP, Artfools international Film Festival Larissa, GRE, GaztefilmFest Vitoria-Gasteiz, Euskadi ESP, 12th Arkansas Shorts, Hot Springs, USA.

2018: Super 9 Mobile Film Fest, Porto PRT, 16th Anilogue Festival, Budapest HUN, 11th Int. Festival of Animated Film Banjaluka BIH, Animation Marathon, Athens GRE, ArteNonStop, Buenos Aires, ARG (Best edition animation short film Award), Factual Animation Film Festival London 2018 ENG.

Leather / Oda


Director Karolina Borgiasz

Producer Agata Golańska

Filmschool Lodz.


Human skin is a leather cover for the interior. We will leave our covers just like abandoned coats in wardrobe.

Technique: stop-motion animation.

Festival: Tampere Film Festival 2019, Finland

Supervielle - Another day in Uruguay/ Kita diena Urugvajuje


Director Leonardo Garcia Franchi


“Supervielle” is an abstract short film exploration done with paper shapes, a balance between positive and negative spaces. Is an homage to a great musician, Luciano Supervielle, and his song “Otro dia en Uruguay” (another day in Uruguay).

Reer / Šeima


Director François Vogel

Drosofilms / Wasia


Diogal sings his song "Reer". Words fly off from his mouth and meet a feminin figure who will spread out, deform and finally take off.

The Dawn of Ape / Iš beždžionės žemyn


Director Mirai Mizue

Producer Mirai Mizue


Here is the world’s first animation made to be watched by chimpanzees. Just for this once, we will show it to you humans.

Mirai Mizue’s statement : This animation is a reproduction of Norman McLaren's style film direct paint in a modern way. I am drawing all on iPad.

Animation technique : 2D computer, Drawing on iPad

Festivals and awards : 2019 Guanajuato International Film Festival, Mexico, 2019 Japan Cuts, USA, 2019 ANNECY International Animated Film Festival, France