Debut films - 2016

Debut films

Bumerangas / Boomerang


Director Pavel Pogudin


Australian tale "Boomerang" tells us that good deeds always come back a hundredfold, expanding the boundaries of the world as a whole.

Misteris Smėlis / Mr Sand


Director Soetkin Verstegen

Denmark, Belgium

A dreamy animated documentary about the dangers of early cinema. The atmosphere of old film theatres is recalled through a mixture of handmade techniques. In the back of the story moves Mr Sand, a mysterious character. Real or imagined.

Gegutė / The Cuckoo


Director Dina Velikovskaya


IT is incredibly large and attractive. It seems to her that she is about to reach IT, but IT is as far away as it was. But still, she will reach IT... some day.

Voratinklis / The Gossamer


Director Natalya Chernysheva


An old lady and a spider live side by side.

Volteras / Voltaire


Director Jan Snoekx

Belgium, The Netherlands

Voltaire, an insignificant weather cock from a country chapel, lives a depressing life. One night, after being blasted off by a lighttning strike, he takes his chance to move to the beautiful cathedral on the horizon. But there, he unknowingly stumbles into a murder scheme and is forced to overcome his biggest fears.