06 TK


Begalinė siena / The Neverending Wall


Director Jose Moo


The emotions surrounding the Berlin Wall, a wall built to divide and isolate human beings. It is our call against the destruction of this historical memory.

Neeilinė diena / Flowing through Wonder


Director Joanna Lurie


It's time for the villagers to start their journey. They cross the perilous water in nutshells, with their loved ones to their final destination... where the blue sky and the blue ocean meet up. When do we leave the world of the living?

Pranašiškas ženklas / Agouro


Director David Doutel, Vasco Sá


A harsh winter freezes the surface of a river, close to a house where two cousins live.

Immersed in the cold wind that rises that day, the rudeness of their relationship grows, reaching its limit.

Žodis / Le Mot


Director Mii-young BAEK

Pietų Korėja

The story begins when two people sit facing each other across a long table. Suddenly, one of the two people starts to throw a ball to another person. The exchange of balls between the two people represents a basic form of social relations. And this throwing, which was just a one-sided, evolve into two-way throwing...

Braškių valgytojai / Strawberry Eaters


Director Mattias Malk


A fantasy film about two strawberry farmers whose field is destroyed by ravenous snails. The couple tries to start a new life in the city but when the woman announces they're expecting a child, the paranoid man suspects that snails are behind that as well.

Ciferblatas / Clock Face


Director Natalia Ryss


Film-vision of a city. The old part of Jerusalem, city inside of the city. City-labyrinth, where people, streets and sky are woven into each other, similar to visions from Haggadoth.

(Kvailio laikas) Darbas / (Fool time) Job


Director Gilles Cuvelier


Pedro has found a new job. A kind of strange one, but these days, he can't afford to be fussy. It's a real chance ! Anyway, he's never been the kind of getting cold feet...

Marija ir septyni nykštukai / Mary and 7 Dwarfs


Director Riho Unt


Having spent her entire life behind the convent walls old and dignified nun Maria has decided to fulfill her childhood dream. The only obstacle on her way is her fragmentary, almost non-existent memory. Maria is afraid that her ultimate dream may turn out to be a sin instead.