Memorable / Atmintinas


Director Bruno Collet

Producers: Jean-François Le Corre, Mathieu Courtois.



Recently, Louis, painter, and his wife Michelle are experiencing strange events. Their world seems to be mutating. Slowly, furnitures, objects, people lose their realism. They are destructuring, sometimes disintegrating …

Technique: stop-motion, puppet.

With English subtitles.

Festivals: Festival International du Film d’Animation, Annecy 2019, Linoleum Festival, Russia, Séquence Court Métrage, France, Toulouse, Anima Mundi, Brazil and other.

Award in Annecy 2019: Cristal for a Short Film, Junior Jury Award for a Short Film, Audience Award.

The Museum of Lost Dreams / Pamirštų sapnų muziejus


Director: Patrick Jenkins

Producer Patrick Jenkins


Funding: Canada Council For the Arts

An animated film about the relationship between dreams and reality.

Sometimes I think of ages past, And things to come. All on display, In a Museum of Our Dreams (on screen text).

Technique: Cut out and Paint on glass animation

Festivals: July 2019 Melbourne International Animation Festival, Melbourne, Australia and other.

Traces / Pėdsakai


Directors: Sophie Tavert Macian and Hugo Frassetto.

Producer Arnaud Demuynck

Les Films du Nord

France, Belgium

Thirty six thousand years ago, in the Ardèche river gorge, when an animal was painted, it was hunted. When it is again time to go Hunting and Painting, Gwel is appointed head of the group of hunters while Karou the Painter and his apprentice Lani set off to paint the walls of the great cavern. But they hadn't counted on meeting a cave lion.

Animation technique: drawings on glass and sand.

Festivals: 2019: Seoul international Cartoon and Animation Festival (South Korea) - Le court en dit long, Paris (France) - Anima Mundi, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo (Brazil) - Grenoble Outdoor Short Film Festival, (France) - Partie(s) de campagne, Ouroux en Morvan (France) - SediciCorto International Film Festival, Forli (Italy) and others.

A Bus / Autobusas


Director Wenyu Li

Producer Wenyu Li


A bus from A city to B city...

Movements / Veiksmai


Director Jeong Dahee

Producer Jeong Dahee

South Korea

In the space of 10 minutes, the African baobab tree grows 0.008 mm, the fastest dog in the world, the Greyhound, can run 12km, and the Earth travels 18,000 km around the Sun. “Movements” is a 10-minute animated film which I drew at a rate of 2 seconds of animation per day. We are all walking, seeing, working, running, and stopping together.

Festivals: Cannes Directors' Fortnight 23. May. 2019, 2019 Annecy International Animated Film Festival, Competition, 2019 Seoul International Cartoon & Animation Festival, Competition, 2019 Jeonju International Film Festival, Competition.

Drawing on paper, 2D computer.

Morning / Rytas


Director Vojtěch Domlátil

Producer Vojtěch Domlátil

Czech Republic

Morning. Coffee. Breakfast. Shower. And then? Trip outside? Or trip inside? Breathing meditation in form of linear full animation.

Drawing on paper.

Festivals: Lago Film Fest, 21.07.2019, Fantoche and other.

Per aspera ad astra / Per šiurkštumus į žvaigždes


Director Franck Dion

EXECUTIVE PRODUCER : Franck DionCNC, Arte, Pictanovo, the SPEDIDAM, the Procirep and the Angoa

The daily life of a little hen housekeeper, torn between her work, her children and her old mother.

Unifrance "Moviestar" Award for a short film.

Annecy International Animation Festival 2019 - Competition, Zagreb Animafest 2019 - Competition and others.

Castle / Pilis


Director Ryotaro Miyajima

Producer Sayaka Omodaka



During the period of the "Provinces at war", many lives were lost. A castlearchitect discovers the possible role of a tea room as a place for warriors to regain humanity.

Festivals: 14thLINOLEUM Animation Festival, 33th Image Forum Festival, 9th ANIMA, Córdoba International Animation Festival, 15th Indie-AniFest, MOSCOW SHORTS ISFF AWARDS(Monthly, 2nd year) and other.

Dante Beatrice / Dante Beatričė


Screenplay and Director Iryna Kodyukova

Artist Director Alla Matyushevskaya

Producer Alena Karziuk

National Film Studio Belarusfilm

Republic of Belarus

After the poem VITA NOUVA.

Festivals: Nikozi international animation film festival 2019 and other.

Violent Equation / Smurtinė lygtis


Director Antonis Doussias

Producer Antonis Doussias

Carouselfilms, Vassilis Konstandopoulos


Dare not to be different. A totalitarian society forces unequal things to become equal. Ignorance creates fear and envy brings violence. Average person's feeble mentality rules by any mean.

Inspired by art of Costis Georgiou.

Festivals: Annecy festival 2019 and other.

Three sisters / Trys seserys


Director Svetlana Andrianova

Producers: Mikhail Aldashin, Boris Mashkovtsev



Film is based on Montenegrin legend "House of the Three Sisters".

Festivals: ORFAK Suzdalfest, Russia, 2019 and other.